Airless Sprayers for protective Coatings Application.

• SIMPLE MAINTENANCE with removable valve cover and easy access to poppet valves.
• REDUCEDICING POTENTIAL by up to 70% with thermally isolated poppets.
• LESS PULSATION due to smoother changeover and no pressure drops, resulting in a better finish!
• IMPROVED SEALING AND STRENGTH with enhanced edge loading and seven throat packings instead of five.
• MULTI-GUN CAPABILITIES With more powerful and efficient changeovers, the ability to spray with up to six guns* is now a reality.
* Material, hose and tip size dependent


High Performance Fine Finish Packages.

Advanced Technology. Superior Performance.

Air Motor

• Highest technology air motor on the market.
• Low air consumption for increased efficiency.
• Muffler provides low operating noise levels.
• External valve access allows for easy servicing and online replacement to minimize downtime.

Operator Control Panel

• Air controls located at operator height for easy setting and monitoring.

Throat Seal and Rod Enclosure

• Protects pumped material and wet cup from contamination but can be easily removed to monitor and service.


Affordable fine finish spray packages for wood and metal applications.

Key Applications

TRITON is designed for all types of metal and wood applications:

Applying primers, basecoats and topcoats for:
• General Metal Fabrication
• Farm and Construction
• Truck and Bus
• Automotive Components and Touch-up

Spraying stains, sealers, lacquers and topcoats for:
• Wood Furniture and Cabinetry
• Wood, Windows and Doors
• Customized Wood

Using a wide range of technologies:
• Conventional
• Compliant
• Electrostatic Air Spray

Pro Xp

Electrostatic Spray Guns That Deliver Expert Performance.

Pro Xp Air Spray

Smaller, Lighter & Superior Quality Spray

Get consistent, high quality finishes every time you spray!
All models are up to 1 in (2.5 cm) shorter and 4 oz
(110 g) lighter – the smallest profile gun with
an internal power supply on the market!
Available in 40, 60 & 85 kV

Pro Xp Air-Assist

Smaller, Lighter & Superior Quality Spray

Get a more consistent, high quality finish every time you spray! Plus,
the 60 kV gun is the smallest and lightest air-assist gun on the market.
Available in 60 & 85 kV

Airless Accessories

Essential Tools for Maximum Productivity and Performance

Proven Quality

• Graco parts and accessories are made from the highest quality materials to withstandextreme conditions.
• Every Graco Airless Gun and RAC®Spray Tip is tested prior to shipment.

Maximum Performance

• Airless accessories maximize job performance by providing a wide variety of accessory options forevery application.
• Each accessory offers unique features for top spraying performance.

Longest Warranty

• Graco is the industry leader in contractor spray equipment and stands behind its products.
• Airless accessories provide a one-year warranty on hard parts.

Unmatched Productivity

• Choose from a full line of accessories to make the job easier and get the work done faster.
• Essential tools for maximum productivity and performance.